Full Name: Roxanne Soriano
Date Of Birth: April 11, 1995 (18 Years Old)
Date Of Join: (Soon to posted)
Position: Secretary
Recruiter: Maverick Manalili
Born In: Tacloban City
I'm Now Living In: Rizal Avenue Extension, Tacloban City
Colour Of Eyes: Purely Black
Colour Of Hair: Brownish Black
Height: 4'9
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Tatoos: None (It's dirty and I don't like it)
Schools: ECD (Early Childhood Development Day Care Center); PCS (Panalaron Central School); CRMNHS (Cirilo Roy Montejo National High School); LNU (Leyte Normal University)
Best Classes: English; Prof.Ed; P.Sch.Ed sessions.
Pets: I want to pet a Rabbit, but I personally love a LION as my pet.
Best Friend: Rafaela and Abegail.
Ideal Man/Woman: Someone who can love me back unconditionally and someone who's willing to wait for the right time and be able to understand and keep up towards my system.
Mariah Carey Or Britney Spears: Mariah Carey of course!
Backstreet Boys Or Boyzone: I prefer Boyzone with all honesty.
McDonalds Or Burger King: McDonalds.
Dream House: A simple and comfortable house will do, as long as there's love emerging on it.
Likes: True/Honest/Open Minded/God Fearing Person; Books/Mag/any kinds of reading materials except the SPG one. I love to write,draw, daydreaming and sing a lot. GWP; WESTLIFE; Anime; Narnia Series; Harry Potter; DISNEY movies/fantasies/cartoons
Dislikes: Liars/Judgmental; Person who don't/can't recognize GOD; Cigarette and Tattoos; Bully, Boastful and Insecure minds.
Motto: "Without GOD I am absolutely NOTHING!"
I Never Thought That: I'll be staying here at GWP, met different kinds of people and be able to express my intentions as a real and true blooded WESTLIFERS! (found my long lost brothers and sisters in here too! xx)
Describe Yourself: I don't really like describing myself, when you know me deep down, then you'll be the one to describe who I really am.
Favorite Westlife Album: WESTLIFE; Coast to Coast; Unbreakable GREATEST HITS vol. 1; World of Our Own; Turn Around; Where We Are and The Love Album.
Favorite Westlife Track: "Flying Without Wings", "When You're Looking Like That", "If I Let You Go", "If Your Heart's Not In It", "When A Woman Loves A Man", "Somebody Needs You", "Written In The Stars".
Favorite Westlife Video: "If I Let You Go", "Flying Without Wings", "I Lay My Love On You", "When You're Looking Like That", "Us Against The World", "Obvious", "World Of Our Own", and "What Makes A Man".
Favorite Westlife Tour: Dream Come True Tour, The Greatest Hits Tour: live at M.E.N. Arena
Favorite Male Singers: WESTLIFE (Shane,Kian,Nicky,Mark) Luther Vandross, and Josh Groban
Favorite Female Singers: Celine Dione, Mariah Carey, Mandy Moore, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lenka and Sarah Geronimo.
Favorite Songs: All of the Westlife's Tracks, and best performed songs by C.D, M.C. and S.G.
Favorite Actor: Tom Hanks, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Leonardo DiCaprio, Zac Efron, William Moosely, Skandar Keynes, and Ben Barnes (It basically changed after Brad Pit and Tom Cruise)
Favorite Actresses: Kate Winslet, Georgie Henly, and Anna Popplewell.
Favorite Films: Narnia Series, Toy Story, Titanic
Favorite Books: There've been a lot.
Favorite Drinks: Its just WATER. (I don't like drinking softdrinks but i had a huge belly! haha! xx)
Favorite Breakfast: Mmm.. I prefer egg, a little bit of meat and veggie for my breakfast with milk of course!
Favorite Place: Home and Church, well, if ever given a chance I'd like to 'favorite' some place in EUROPE!
Favorite Place To Go On Holidays: Stayin' home with my family, church, beach/pool.
Favorite Sports: I'm not really that athletic, but i love the sport BASKETBALL!
Favorite Basketball Team: LA Lakers, Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks! (The best team ever! Also in collegiate team i prefer ATENEO BLUE EAGLES, they're all cute!)
Favorite Perfume: Anything as long as it fit my taste ye know!

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