Full Name: Marika M. Mariñas
Date Of Birth: March 18, 1991
Date Of Join: August 24, 2012
Position: Team Feehily Manager
Recruiter: Cherwin Vargas
Born In: Quezon City Manila
I'm Now Lives In: Zone 3 San Isidro Iraya, Malilipot, Albay
Colour Of Eyes: Dark Brown
Colour Of Hair: Black
Height: 5'3
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Tatoos: none
Schools: Elem: Tabaco South Central Elementary School, High Sch: San Lorenzo National High School, College: Bicol University Tabaco Campus, Post (Vocational): San Francisco Institute of Science and Technology
Best Classes: All
Pets: Cat
Best Friend: Auntie Mandy
Ideal Man/Woman: as long as he truly loves me and loves what i do... that'll will do
Mariah Carey Or Britney Spears: Britney Spears
Backstreet Boys Or Boyzone: Backstreet Boys
McDonalds Or Burger King: maybe McDonalds
Dream House: A simple house will do, as long as it is sturdy and clean too. And uhm, I dream of a house that has a music room full of musical stuffs.
Likes: Singing, Dancing, Playing Guitar, Writing, Drawing, I like shades of blue and violet, i like Social networking, making friends with other people outside the country, i like sneakers, pens, papers and notebooks, i like gadgets... etc...
Dislikes: People who scorn me, i dislike blue fish... People who are braggish, snobbish, arrogant, I don't like eating exotic food.
Motto: "Faith in yourself, talent or ability, hard work and Faith in God will surely bring you to SUCCESS."
I Never Thought That: I can make things that for others are impossible for me to do.
Describing Yourself: Tall, Svelte (LOL), Slim, has a fair complexion, emotional haha,..
Favorite Westlife Album: The Love Album
Favorite Westlife Track: My Love
Favorite Westlife Video: If I Let You Go
Favorite Westlife Tour: 10 Years at Croke Park
Favorite Male Singers: Westlife
Favorite Female Singers: None
Favorite Songs: Westlife songs
Favorite Actor: Rowan Atkinson... LOL
Favorite Actresses: Drew Barrymore
Favorite Films: A Walk to Remember
Favorite Books: Westlife - Our Story Book
Favorite Drinks: anything will do
Favorite Breakfast: Rice and Fried Egg
Favorite Place: Ireland
Favorite Place To Go On Holidays: at Home
Favorite Sports: Soccer and Badminton
Favorite Basketball Team: None
Favorite Perfume: Victoria's Secret