Full Name: Catherine Putao
Date Of Birth: Feb 02,1993
Date Of Join: December 23, 2011
Position: Member
I'm Now Lives In: DAVAO CITY
Colour Of Eyes: Black
Colour Of Hair: slightly blond
Height: 5'5
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Tatoos: nothingness!
Schools: SAn Luis CARDAVOR
Best Classes: filipino, english
Pets: dog, bird >3
Best Friend:SB. Jonestren Puang venjen ..
Ideal ManWoman: WESTLIFE
Mariah Carey Or Britney Spears: Mariah Carey
Backstreet Boys Or Boyzone: BOYZONE
McDonalds Or Burger King: BURGER KING
Dream House: Camella home
Likes: eating,singing chatting etc..
Dislikes: BoastFul,Unfriendly,
Motto: "Be blessed And Be a Blessing"
I Never Thought That: i was pretty {lol}
Describing Yourself:Tall.
Favorite Westlife Album: All Westlife Album
Favorite Westlife Track: All westlife tracks (
My Love)
Favorite Westlife Video: My Love
Favorite Westlife Tour : Gravity Tour
Favorite Male Singers: Westlife Members
Favorite Female Singers: Mariah Carey, Regine Velasquez
Favorite Songs: My Love, SWEAR IT AGAIN
Favorite Actor: Coco MARTIN
Favorite Actresses: ANGEL LOCSIN
Favorite Films: Titanic
Favorite Books: Bible
Favorite Drinks: Coca Cola
Favorite Breakfast: BREAD w/ egg and MILK
Favorite Place: IRELAND
Favorite Place To Go On Holidays: Going anywhere!
Favorite Sports: volleyball
Favorite Basketball Team: MIAMI HEAT
Favorite Perfume: BENCH