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Background Information
Group Name : Genuine Westlifer'z Philippines
Formed : 18 December 2008
Origin : Manila, Philippines
Years Active : 2008–Present
Stylized as : GWP
Official Twitter :
Current Members
Catherine Mujar [New Member]
Darwin Dagohoy [Vice President]
Past Members : See all Former Members Here.

"Genuine Westlifer'z Philippines" (sometimes stylized as GWP) was an Group of Filipino Westlife fan in the Philippines, formed in December 18, 2008 and celebrating their 4th Anniversary in 2012. Originally handle by Founder Sabina Garzon, and managed by the four officers Alezandria Del Ruiz Russel (President), Darwin Dagohoy (Vice President), Roxanne Soriano (Secretary) and Vivia Nikka Miguel (Public Relation Officer).


Genuine Westlifer'z Philippines started started last 18 December 2008. Sabina Garzon is the members of Original Westlifer's Clan, they left the group because of the same reason. They are not convinced by the management of the group and they are not treated equaly. Sabina, Eula and Hidylyn decided to put their own Westlife Group. Sabina as Founder, Eula as Co-Founder, Hidylyn as Adviser and the other members like John Francis Legaspi who rejoined to the group last 2012. GWP is started in a small number, But as time passes by, they grow up in Numbers, others left, but new ones come.

Group Style

The group style of GWP is a Text Clan Group. A text conversation for each and everyone who include to the group. The group is manage by the officers.


  • No to Chain Messages.
  • No to bad words including icons to hide the bad words such as **#2%* etc.
  • No to intimate relationship within the group.
  • 15 days no Text/GM will be automatically terminated.
  • Respect founder & officers and also co-members. In short, respect each other.
  • Members has the right to question the officers with regards on how the officers run the group.
  • The officers has the right to give advice onto a member who's in trouble.
  • Everyone can express their opinion depending on the situation.
  • Make sure that all members of group will be in your list.
  • Don't decline a message if your not in a situation to do so, you have to make sure that your being nice to everyone in this group.
  • If you are planning to recruit new member, make sure that you recruit the person is a hundred percent fan of Westlife.
  • If you have other clan before you join, Please ask the officers or founder for confirmation.
  • Twice quit, no chance to join again.
  • If you planned to leave for 7 Days, you can request another leave after 15 Days.
  • If you planned to leave for 15 Days, you can request another leave after 1 Month.
  • If you planned to leave for 1 Month, you can request another leave after 2 Months.
  • If you ask for leave, don't GM it public without a permission of the officers, because you are not allowed to announced it, the only allowed to do that are only Officers, Mostly, Nikka.


1. Ana Marielle Catindoy - Born April 23,1994 in Tacloban City, 19 Years old and she is now living in Marian ville subd, Alangalang, Leyte City. Marielle studied at Holy Trinity College, at St. Paul School of Business ad Law. Her favorite classes are English, Physical Education and Finance. Her favorite sports are Volleyball, Baskeball and Football.

2. Anna Frizza Tingson - Pending Information

3. Alezandria Del Ruiz Russel - BornOctober 21, 1990 in Subic City, 21 years old, but she's now living in part of Metro Manila. She studied at RMHS, University Of Cordilleras, her favorite classes is Psycho 101. Alezandria has a Bipolar Disorder or Bipolar Affective Disorder (historically known as manic–depressive disorder or manic depression). A psychiatric diagnosis for a mood disorder in which people experience disruptive mood swings. These encompass a frenzied state known as mania (or hypomania) usually alternated with symptoms of depression. She joined to GWP last July 18, 2011. And now she is a President of the group. Alezandria real name is Zarita Guian Alarcon.

4. Candy Alcarde - Pending Information

5. Catherine Putao - Born February 2, 1993 in Davao City Philippines, She rejoined to GWP last December 23, 2011 that recruit by Darwin Dagohoy. Her favorite books is Any Martha Cecilla Books and favorite writter is Martha Cecilla. She also love Bird and Dog.

6. Darwin Dagohoy - Born September 4, 1992 on Carmona Cavite Medical Hospital. Originally from Carmona Cavite, a small town in Manila Philippines, he joined to the group last January 8, 2011 that recruit by Vivia Nikka Miguel. He is now a Vice President of the group. Darwin is Undergraduate on Cavite State University College of Carmona Campus, He choose Backstreet Boys than Boyzone, but he love Boyzone too. Darwin is making an Video Lyrics Album that released like an Artist, he loves Basketball, his favorite Westlife Music Video is Something Right because of the Video Effects. Darwin is a Former Secretary of the group.

7. Donna Ricalyn Guelas - Born on September 23, 1987 in part of Manila, she's a former president of GWP in year 2012. She Quit in the group last last November 8, 2012, She text former Secretary and now GWP Vice President 'Darwin' that it's time for her to quit, on February 23, 2013, Donna Ricalyn admitted she would love to reunite with GWP only days after Vice President talk with Donna 1 Week ago, she's planning to resign in her work and get back to the group. She like a reunion with the Group and be an Official Member again for a Second Time, and she's now part of the group again.

8. Eleonor Ilustre - Born June 16, 1989, 22 years old. She live Quezon City but she's now on Antipolo City right now. She finished studied at Polytechnic University Of The Philippines in Campus of Quezon. She love Mariah Carey than Britney Spears, Eleonor joined to the group last December 17, 2011 that recruit by the President of the group.

9. Emmalyn Millare Pardinas - Born February 1, 1991 in Lopez Quezon City Philippines. She joined to the group last October 1, 2011, her favorite Westlife Video is Flying Without Wings. She's also a Former P.R.O and Secretary in the group. Last january, the management announce that Emma has a same problem with Zarita, a Bipolar Disorder. That's why the management decided to put a Hashtag for emma like #PrayForEmma.

10. Gerlene Salon - Born March 15, 1996 in Los Baños Laguna, she started to join in group last June 16, 2012, Gerlene recruit by the Former P.R.O and now a Secretary of the group Roxanne Soriano, she's a Team Egan Manager. She studied on Laguna State Polythecnic University, her ideal man is "A man who can handle pressures on top of the presures" her favorite female singer is Britney Spears, she didn't like Rude, Boastful & Over Confident People, She likes to go Anywhere on the time of Holidays. Her favorite motto is "Think first before you act".

11. John Francis Legaspi - Born February 18, 1993 on Tueguegarao, Cagayan Valley, Bacolod City. He studied at CSA-B (Colegio de San Agustin-Bacolod) and WNU(West Negros University), He's dream house is Bungalow with 5 rooms and a swimming pool. He likes to go to Adventure Places every holidays, he likes playing Volleyball, Badminton, Chess, Basketball and Scrabble. His favorite NBA Basketball teams are Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder.


On the eve of December 18, 2012. They're celebrating 4th year anniversary as a group and they are released the 4th Anniversary Video called "" the video peak the #1 position in youtube by searching "Genuine Westlifer'z Philippines Anniversary". Also the video posted on twitter and gwp official site.


Video Peak Position
"World Of Our Own & Obvious" 1
"No One's Gonna Sleep Tonight" 1
"I Will Reach You & Beautiful World" 1
"Where We Belong - Anniversary Video" 1