Republic Act # 121808

  • We all need to respect each other here. Respect people that are in the management, and please respect your co-members.
  • This group is mainly for Westlife and Westlife music alone. But we are all here to celebrate their legacy and to be friend one another. Do not decline a message if you're not in the situation to do.
  • Although we are all fans here, It is practical to know, we do not share the same interests and opinions in most matters about life, It is good to express your thoughts and views in a calm and friendly way.
  • No to Chain Messages.
  • If you have a thing to suggest, feel free to message/text one of the officers.
  • No to cursing or iconds to hide the word such us !%$##$$&%, we understand we are humans and it's not easy to keep our emotions to yourself. But no searing as we all want to be treated with 'Respect' here.
  • If you are a part of a text group, please be apart of out social media groups. Participation is important.
  • If you are no longer part want to be a member of the group because of some personal or social reasons, please do inform the management abot it by any means, Please do not change your number without the Management's announcement.
  • Make sure that all members of group will be in your list.
  • 1 Month of no Text/GM in the group will be automatically terminated.
  • If you are planning to recruit new member, make sure that you recruit the person is a hundred percent fan of Westlife.
  • If you have other clan before you join, Please ask the officers or founder for confirmation.
  • Twice quit, no chance to join again.
  • If you planned to leave for 7 Days, you can request another leave after 15 Days.
  • If you planned to leave for 15 Days, you can request another leave after 1 Month.
  • If you planned to leave for 1 Month, you can request another leave after 2 Months.
  • If you ask for leave, don't GM it public without a permission of the officers, because you are not allowed to announced it, the only allowed to do that are only Officers, Mostly, Nikka.

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