GWP journey ends after 6 years

13/05/2015 19:00

MANILA -- The most popular and the most running Westlife Group Text in the Philippines has been disolved. After 6 years long of being number 1 Westlife Text Group in the philippines, GWP (Genuine Westlifer'z Philippines) has call it a day, Sabina Garzon (Founder) decided to take down the group as she is being busy in her own life. A week ago, the group has announced the comeback of former group Vice President Darwin Dagohoy, then after that, Zarita (President) requesting the renewal of group form but Sabina declined the request, as she decided to end the journey of the group after six-long-year standing at the top.

Genuine Westlifer'z Philippines founded December 8, 2008 manage by Sabina Garzon, as she decided to put an officer to manage the group clearly, GWP has 5 Officers, Zarita Guian Alarcon (President), Roxanne Soriano (Vice President), Vivia Nikka Miguel (Secretary), Marika Mariñas (Public Relation Officer) and the comeback of former Vice President Darwin Dagohoy as (Website Administrator). The group create a message for all the members and former members. read it below:

-- Dear Founder, Officers, Members & Former Members

"As of May 13, 2015 and onwards, we the GWP's management has officially announced the dissolution of the six-year-running fan organization, founded especially for the legendary irish pop boyband, Westlife.

The group had been through a lot of ups and downs creating huge gap among members. And so the toughest decision we made, closing the gap simply by moving on. Though in pain, we will forever cherish the group in our hearts. It has become an instrument to get to know many of our fellow Westlifers all over the Philippines, creating tight and bonds of real friendship.

This is not a dim farewell and this is not the end but only the beginning. Let us not forget that we will always forever be one of the Legit Filipino Westlifers. The Legacy of Westlife will remain.

Long live our friendship, To all people who being a part of this group, Thank you for the six years

- Sabina, Zarita, Roxanne, Nikka, Marika & Darwin -- GWP Management"