Congratulations Nikka!!

20/06/2013 14:24

To all members of Genuine Westlifer'z Philippines, let's congratulate Nikka for being a part of GWP for Almost 3 years, she started to join here last April 23, 2010, Nikka is the most old member of GWP except of Sabina (Founder), Nikka ahead almost 10 months to the Vice President (Darwin) who join in GWP last January 8, 2011, followed by John Francis Legaspi but he didn't renew his form, that's why Francis is rejoined to GWP last 2012, same as Catherene Putao who joined last March 21, 2010 but she didn't renew her form, that's why she rejoined to GWP last 2011.


Members that stay's in GWP for a Long Time (Without Quitting)


1. Sabina Garzon - December 8, 2008 (The Group Will Formed)

2. Vivia Nikka Miguel - April 23, 2010

3. Darwin Dagohoy - January 8, 2011

4. Alezandria Del Ruiz Russel - July 18, 2011