1 Year Without Westlife : A Painful Throwback

23/06/2013 19:01

By: Vivia Nikka Miguel

It’s been an annual since our beloved Irish boyband, Westlife had finally gone in separate ways after 14 years in the mainstream. June 23 of last year was somewhat unforgettable. The quartet played off their last gig for farewell tour held at the Croke Park Stadium in Dublin. Over 80,000 Irish fans conquered the entire set. They had been screaming, shouting, howling and singing along for the very last time as they raise up their ultimate love and support up high. And not just that… The special live screening of the concert over 200 cinemas worldwide made to guarantee the fans from other parts of the globe. This day’s also emotional at the encore - from the crowds, to staffs and to the band members themselves - wrapping up their entire story with their heartwarming gratitude… Yea, it’s too hard to say goodbye.

Those fourteen years ain’t bad, especially when different great remarks had span throughout their career. More likely are 14 number one singles, 11 top 5 albums, 10 sold out tours and over 44 million records sold worldwide, plus their triumph for the MTV’s Battle of the Boybands, in which the fans had been hardly working for… What a grand!

Days, Weeks, Months and now a year… What’s best of all? Westlifers across the globe are incredibly remaining loyal to these four amazing legits. They still had their feet on the ground - carried to be ever supportive on the next endeavors, especially for those two: Shane Filan and Mark Feehily - who never stops shining with full brilliance. LONG LIVE THE WESTLIFE’S LEGACY. #WestlifeForever

Credit/Source : https://poetsheart16.tumblr.com