Darwin Dagohoy

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Darwin Dagohoy
Darwin Dagohoy working at SM City Sta. Rosa 2012
Background Information
Birth name : Darwin Llanto Dagohoy
Born : 4 Sept. 1992 (age 20)
Origin : Manila, Philippines
Group Position : Vice President
Occupations : Video Lyrics Maker
Program used : Windows Movie Maker
Label : Genuine Records


Darwin Llanto Dagohoy (born 4 September 1992) is a Video Lyrics Maker on YouTube. He is Vice President of 4 Years active group Genuine Westlifer'z Philippines.


Darwin was born on 4 September 1992 on Carmona Cavite Medical Hospital, and grew up in Carmona, a small town in Manila. first-born of 2 children, he has one sister: May L. Dagohoy. His father is Electrician in Rohm, Located at Complex Carmona Cavite and Darwin used to work at SM City Sta. Rosa as a Rides Operator at the age of 18.



As we knows that Darwin is one of the Video Lyrics Maker on YouTube, he release 3 album in Genuine Records as danger2407. But, on the eve of November, his account danger2407 is Terminated because of Copyright infringement. 11 top ten singles including 6 number one singles position in YouTube, 3 Studio album under Genuine Records. Sold over 6 million total of views around the world, and countless memories that he will forever cherish. December 2012, he announce that he will continue by making some video lyrics as his New Chapter.

As well as the new material, Darwin have included 14 new tracks including debut single 'Welcome Home (You)'. The 14 new songs include their upcoming single 'Welcome Home (You)', which was written by Brian Littrell & Dan Muckala. The remaining 13 songs are titled 'Make It Feel Like Home Again','Beautiful In White' and more. The album is a total of fourth release for Darwin since he is in Genuine Records Including Crossroad, Forever Love & Perfection as danger2407.

Personal Life

Darwin is now working on MM Steel Corporation as Production Operator. His Previews work is on SM City Sta. Rosa as Rides Operator with his workmats, John Benedict Marcelo, Joshua Tizon, Normandy Macaraig, Rolly Andrino, and his cousin Gary Llanto. Darwin work at SM City Sta. Rosa for a Total of 11 & half months in a different year.


As danger2407

Singles Position Peak Album Search
1. "No No" 1 Crossroad (With Lyrics)
2. "Change The World" 1 Crossroad (With Lyrics)
3. "Can't Lose What You Never Had" 1 Crossroad (With Lyrics)
4. "We Are One" 1 Crossroad (With Lyrics)
5. "I Don't Wanna Fight No More" 2 Crossroad (With Lyrics)
6. "Angel's Wings" 4 Forever Love (With Lyrics)
7. "Drive (For All Time)" 1 Forever Love (With Lyrics)
8. "I'll Be There" 1 Forever Love (With Lyrics)
9. "I'll Be Loving You Forever" 3 Forever Love (With Lyrics)
10. "Colour My World" 3 Perfection (With Lyrics)
11. "That's Where You Find Love" 6 Perfection (With Lyrics)


As Darwin Dagohoy

Singles Position Peak Album Search
1. "Welcome Home You" 5 Once Again (With Lyrics)
2. "Make It Feel Like Home Again" 1 Once Again (With Lyrics)
3. "Brothers" 1 Once Again (With Lyrics)